What to Know About CBDA Oils

A tincture is a liquid supplement that can be taken sublingually, orally, or by being added to foods or liquids of your choice. Our CBDA Tincture Oil has a dropper top that is used for administration.

Many users enjoy and acquire the taste of hemp oil in its natural form. We make our oil pure, with no added artificial flavoring. However, feel free to mix with your favorite flavor (extract) or beverage to customize your experience

Our CBDA Tincture Oils are a liquid form of CBDA hemp oil supplement. They are an oil base made of Organic MCT Oil & CBDA Oil. All of our tinctures come with a dropper top for easy administration. For users who have difficulty taking a traditional pill or capsule supplements, tinctures are a great alternative and are easy to swallow.  After being swallowed tincture oils are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

Tincture Oil can also be applied to the skin as our topical products. Using CBDA oil support skin health.

How to Use Tincture Oil:

  1. First, shake the bottle to mix the ingredients. In the tincture bottle, the ingredients can separate; shaking the product ensures a consistent serving.

  3. Fill the dropper with oil (at your desired level) and then dispense the oil under the tongue or in the mouth. Hold the oil under your tongue or in the mouth for 10-20 seconds. Swallow the remaining product, followed by your choice of liquid if desired. This process is recommended 1-2 times daily; however, every user’s serving size and frequency of dosage will be different and should be determined by the individual user. Your frequency of use may vary from others depending on your tolerance and expected results.

We can highlight the potential medical benefits of integrating CBD/CBDA into a daily health and wellness routine, it is not possible that Northern Growin’ or anyone else is to legally advise customers about treating their specific medical condition, disease or ailment with CBD/CBDA. Only a medical doctor or physician can do this. Please consult your doctor or physician before purchasing our products.

Our Best Selling Oils

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Discover Endless Possibilities with CBDA

Not All Tinctures Are the Same

Tincture oils are produced and sold in a variety of sizes and potencies. An advantage of CBD/CBDA tincture oil is the range of potency available depending on a user’s tolerance and needs.
Our standard tincture oil is a .5 oz bottle containing 600 mg of CBDA; which equals about 37mg of CBDA per dropper. Many tincture bottles are 1 oz, containing the same amount of CBD/CBDA as our product, resulting in lower potency. Use our chart below to find the amount of CBDA in your tincture oil.


Dosage for CBDA Oils

Many users ask if there is a recommended dose, see below and for more information and our recommendations see the following pages: Learning About CBDA & CBDA Dosage.

Unfortunately, there is not a standard recommended amount of/dosage of CBDA Tincture Oil that should be taken on a daily basis. We recommend you consider the different factors that affect the amount of CBDA you should take. Consider things like your body weight, wellness goals, age, metabolism, the reason for taking CBDA products.

Our CBDA Tincture Oil 600mg bottle has 37mg of CBDA per full dropper. We recommend starting with 1/4 of a dropper and working your way up (start with 1/4 dropper, then increase by 1/4 dropper each week) to find the best dose for your body.

When it comes to CBDA oil & topicals, it’s important to know that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ dosage. With any natural substance, the amount needed to reach a certain effect or benefit is unique to each user. Our recommendation is to use the products for 5-7 days to determine the best dosage for you.

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