Supporting local beekeepers and honey producers not only fosters a sense of community but also offers numerous benefits. Locally produced honey is often fresher, retains more nutrients, and reflects the unique floral diversity of the region. Additionally, buying local honey supports sustainable beekeeping practices and helps preserve biodiversity.

Honey can only be picked up at markets; there is NO SHIPPING available for honey.

The Troszk Honey
Northern Growin’ LLC
4745 Sigma Rd Se, Kalkaska MI 49646

Ingredients: Raw unfiltered crystalized honey.
Contains: Raw Honey


Made in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

Container Option Weight Price
Honey Bear 12oz – 14oz $16.00
Hive Jar 12oz – 14oz $16.00
Hive Jar z 3oz – 4oz $6.00
Queenline 1/2 lb $10.00
Queenline 1 lb $16.00
Queenline 2 lb $30.00
Square Honey 2.5lb $35.00
Mason 1.7oz – 3oz $5.00
Square Mason 8oz – 10oz $15.00



100% Pure and Natural, With No Additives or Preservatives