Michigan Grown, Family Owned

Our story is simple but comes with a strong pride to produce the very best farm grown organic products. We are three brothers, Tyler, Cameron, and Seth Troszak. We started Northern Growin’ in 2017 in Kalkaska Michigan.

We chose Kalkaska to be close to many local farmer’s markets. We are less than one hour away from all the markets we attend weekly, May-October.  Growing in Kalkaska has many challenges, but it produces amazing products. Due to our location, we have hotter days and colder nights than most of northern Michigan’s surrounding areas. This gives our products nicer colors, more sugars, and flavor profiles.

  • We are a non-spray farm for pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
  • 100% Certified Organic grown hemp, vegetables and fruits.
  • Our certification through OEFFA in Ohio was established in 2020.



As a family, three brothers we decided to pursue growing certified organic vegetables, fruits and hemp.
We are Michigan grown and family owned and we intend to stay that way.

Why Northern Growin’?

  • Non-spray farm free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • 100% Certified Organic grown hemp, vegetables and fruits
  • Low carbon footprint farm
  • Work done by hand, which helps reduce gases
  • Grow with a no-till system, low high tunnels and Walipini structure
  • We take pride in our products from seed to sale with great attention to detail and quality.
  • We grow, harvest, dry and control the processing of the hemp.

Growin’ and Learnin’

When the State of Michigan passed the law to legalize the growing and selling of hemp an opportunity arose for us. It allowed for us to grow and control the quality of our hemp products. We know that we grow some of the best vegetables and fruits in the local area that have vibrant colors, more sugars and flavors that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

We have studied and learned a lot about the hemp plant and the business.  We’ve learned that there was a real need and that CBDA products can help maintain physical and mental well-being and a sense of relaxation. Furthermore, we’ve learned that many friends and family have been using CBDA when helping issues associated with normal daily exercise and activity. Our products help maintain optimal health and support a healthy life.

100% Certified Organic Grown Hemp, Vegetables and Fruits