Fresh, Local Chicken Eggs and Meat for Sale

Are you tired of bland, store-bought eggs and chicken? Do you crave the taste of fresh, high-quality food sourced from local farms?
Look no further! Our pasture-raised chicken eggs and meat are not only delicious but also packed with nutrition.

Premium Quality Chicken Eggs

Our chicken eggs come from hens that are rotation grazed on lush pastures. They are fed a locally sourced, non-GMO diet from Halls Feed Mill in Grand Traverse County.

To Pre-order: Call us at 231-310-1950. Pick up your eggs at the market of your choice.
Note: Limited supply available. Visit our farmers market page for more details.

Quantity Price
1 Dozen $7.00
2 Dozen $13.00
3 Dozen $18.00
6 Dozen $30.00

High-Quality Chicken Meat

Our chicken meat is available for pick up at your preferred market.
We offer a limited supply, so please call ahead to pre-order if you need 25 or more birds.
To Pre-order: Call us at 231-310-1950.

Average Weight: 4.5 – 5.5 lb per bird

Quantity Price
1 Bird $35.00
2 Birds $65.00
3 Birds $95.00
4 Birds $100.00
Cut Price
Chicken Breast $12.00 per pound
Chicken Thigh/Leg $9.00 per pound
Chicken Wings $9.00 per pound
Chicken Feet $6.00 per pound
Organ Meats (Neck, Hearts, Gizzards, Liver) $6.00 per pound

Discover the flavor of farm-fresh, locally sourced chicken. Our products are raised with care, ensuring the highest quality and nutrition. Enjoy the taste of sustainable and healthy eating with every bite.