Pork for Sale: Pure Bred Registered Duroc Pork

Choosing high-quality pork is essential for health, taste, and ethical reasons. Pure Bred Registered Duroc Pork, raised in Grand Traverse County, is the perfect choice. Our pigs are rotation grazed in forests and pastures, fooder raised, and fed local, non-GMO feed from Halls Feed Mill. 

Why Choose Pure Bred Registered Duroc Pork?

Duroc pork is known for its exceptional flavor and tenderness due to its marbling, ensuring a delightful culinary experience. Our pork is nutritious and safe, free from GMOs and harmful additives, high in protein, and essential vitamins. Additionally, our pigs are raised in environments mimicking their natural habitat, ensuring they live healthy, stress-free lives while promoting sustainable agriculture.

How to Pre-Order and Pickup

To pre-order, please call (231) 310-1950. For wholesale orders (minimum of 5 pigs per season), please call for details. For market pickups, please call to arrange collection at the market of your choice. Visit our farmers markets page cbdamarket.com for more information.

Pork Pricing

Product Type Price Weight
Pork Bones $3.00 LB
Pork Lard $11.00 LB
Ground Pork $12.00 LB
Breakfast Sausage $12.50 LB
Breakfast Links $13.00 LB
Pork Chops $14.00 LB
Pork Steak $13.00 LB
Spare Ribs $13.50 LB
Smoked Ham Hocks $12.50 LB
Pork Roast $12.50 LB
Boston Butt Roast $13.00 LB
Brats $14.00 LB
Pork Cutlets $13.50 LB
Pork Tenderloin $15.00 LB
Bacon $15.00 LB

Delight in Delicious Taste and Tenderness, Responsibly Raised, and Proudly Supporting Local Farmers and Communities.